Monthly Archives: July 2012

Getting to know about Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI): Evidence-based decision-making and the processes that gather, present, and use that evidence base. It can extend from providing evidence to support potential students’ decisions about whether to apply for a course, through evidence to support individual faculty/department and staff members, teams and departments, to evidence to support strategic decisions for the whole institution. … Read more

Introducing the Strategic ICT Toolkit

Increasing the synergy between strategy and technology UK Higher Education, Further Education and Skills are experiencing, and will continue to face, major challenges as a result of political, socio-economic, demographic and technological pressures. The necessity for institutional leaders and senior management to deliver clear institutional vision and corporate strategy has never been greater. Information and … Read more

Webinar Review: Measuring Benefits using the Impact Calculator

In this webinar Steve Bailey (Senior Adviser, JISC infoNet) talks us through the Impact Calculator and how it can be used to measure benefits. Steve also highlights a range of other similar measurement tools available for the sector to use. The recording is just under 1 hour long and contains input from pilot projects and those attending … Read more

Workshop Review: Doing Enterprise Architecture #2

We held the second in our series of Enterprise Architecture (EA) workshops in London earlier this week. It was a another excellent day, with 27 attendees representing 3 JISC programmes: Transformations, Course Data and Assessment & Feedback. The workshop was an ‘evolution’ of our first ‘Doing EA’ workshop, held back in March. A previous post … Read more