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Introducing the Strategic ICT Toolkit

Increasing the synergy between strategy and technology UK Higher Education, Further Education and Skills are experiencing, and will continue to face, major challenges as a result of political, socio-economic, demographic and technological pressures. The necessity for institutional leaders and senior management to deliver clear institutional vision and corporate strategy has never been greater. Information and … Read more

Webinar Review: Measuring Benefits using the Impact Calculator

In this webinar Steve Bailey (Senior Adviser, JISC infoNet) talks us through the Impact Calculator and how it can be used to measure benefits. Steve also highlights a range of other similar measurement tools available for the sector to use. The recording is just under 1 hour long and contains input from pilot projects and those attending … Read more

Workshop Review: Doing Enterprise Architecture #2

We held the second in our series of Enterprise Architecture (EA) workshops in London earlier this week. It was a another excellent day, with 27 attendees representing 3 JISC programmes: Transformations, Course Data and Assessment & Feedback. The workshop was an ‘evolution’ of our first ‘Doing EA’ workshop, held back in March. A previous post … Read more

Webinar review: Doing EA, The Management Journey

In this webinar David Rose talked us through the journey one might expect when leading and managing Enterprise Architecture (EA). EA is fundamentally about change, the way organisations and people do things and the behaviours they exhibit – a tough challenge! The webinar provided a birds eye view of the management journey, highlighting considerations along … Read more

Doing EA: The Management Journey

Online Webinar: Open to All! Building upon themes discussed at our most recent workshop and a previous online webinar, we are pleased to announce the second in our series of Enterprise Architecture (EA) webinars—Doing Enterprise Architecture: The Management Journey. This webinar, facilitated by David Rose (JISC EA Associate), focuses on people who want to take EA forward within … Read more

Workshop review: Doing Enterprise Architecture

We successfully held our first face to face workshop in London last week, addressing the application of Enterprise Architecture to strategically link business processes with ICT. Held at The Hatton in Farringdon, it was an excellent and interactive day with lots of discussion and sharing of experience, knowledge and ideas between the 45 delegates, representing … Read more

Webinar review: Introducing Enterprise Architecture

In this webinar, titled Introducing Enterprise Architecture: Enabling Business Change, David Rose provided an essential introduction to Enterprise Architecture (EA) based upon the collected wisdom of JISC projects funded as part of previous JISC programmes. Key points covered in the main 40minute presentation of the webinar: EA in Higher Education, and why? What is EA … Read more

Our first event!

Okay, so it’s been a little while in coming but our first event is fast approaching. Later this month we’re bringing together participants from four different JISC programmes (Transformations, Course Data, Assessment and Feedback, and Future Leaders) to investigate ‘Doing EA’. Enterprise Architecture (EA) has grown in stature since the Flexible Service Delivery programme and … Read more

Introducing JISC Emerging Practices

JISC Emerging Practices is a new and exciting initiative, the aim of which is to: Highlight emerging practices relevant to JISC Innovation Programmes and UK further and higher education Provide support and professional development opportunities Offer opportunities for like-minded people to share experiences and ‘learn by doing together’ JISC Emerging Practices is being delivered by … Read more