Introducing JISC Emerging Practices

JISC Emerging Practices is a new and exciting initiative, the aim of which is to:

  • Highlight emerging practices relevant to JISC Innovation Programmes and UK further and higher education
  • Provide support and professional development opportunities
  • Offer opportunities for like-minded people to share experiences and ‘learn by doing together’

JISC Emerging Practices is being delivered by Will Allen (JISC Netskills) and Andrew Stewart (JISC infoNet), overseen by Myles Danson from JISC Innovation. It will run as a pilot for one year before being reviewed.

Initiall topics of focus include:

  1. Enterprise Architecture (EA)
  2. Digital Storytelling
  3. Measurement Tools

Will and Andy hope to manage JISC Emerging Practices in an open and transparent way. Feedback, suggestions and ideas are all very welcome so please feel free to comment on any of the pages across this site or get in touch more directly via our contacts page.

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