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Doing EA: The Management Journey

Online Webinar: Open to All! Building upon themes discussed at our most recent workshop and a previous online webinar, we are pleased to announce the second in our series of Enterprise Architecture (EA) webinars—Doing Enterprise Architecture: The Management Journey. This webinar, facilitated by David Rose (JISC EA Associate), focuses on people who want to take EA forward within … Read more

Webinar review: Introducing Enterprise Architecture

In this webinar, titled Introducing Enterprise Architecture: Enabling Business Change, David Rose provided an essential introduction to Enterprise Architecture (EA) based upon the collected wisdom of JISC projects funded as part of previous JISC programmes. Key points covered in the main 40minute presentation of the webinar: EA in Higher Education, and why? What is EA … Read more

Our first event!

Okay, so it’s been a little while in coming but our first event is fast approaching. Later this month we’re bringing together participants from four different JISC programmes (Transformations, Course Data, Assessment and Feedback, and Future Leaders) to investigate ‘Doing EA’. Enterprise Architecture (EA) has grown in stature since the Flexible Service Delivery programme and … Read more